Uptempo Music Repair and Maintenance Prgram details

With our Maintenance program you won't have to worry about coming up with
extra money should your instrument need to be 
serviced or replaced.

There are several reasons your horn may need to go to the shop to be serviced.
Routine maintenance is required on most instruments over the course of
their rental period and beyond.

There can be many precision aligned moving parts in a music instrument.
On occasion levers get bend slightly out of alignment, pads get dirty or worn
which results in air leaks, instruments get dropped and bent, etc.
When this happens you will need to bring your instrument in for repair.

Whether for routine maintenance or accidental damage - Uptempo
will pay for 100% of the cost to get the instrument back in good playing condition.

Should you need a loaner for your student to use while their horn is in the
shop, we will provide you one free of additional charge.